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Colombia Micro Lot Jose Giraldo Pink Bourbon | Light Roast

Colombia Micro Lot Jose Giraldo Pink Bourbon | Light Roast

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I'm so happy to get my hand on this Pink Bourbon! This particular Colombian coffee has a wonderfully clean and tropical cupping profile, which is the legendary Don Jose Giraldo named this coffee "Tropical Fresh." It has strong tasting notes of melon and tropical berry, with a creamy mouthfeel and sweetness. 

This coffee is grown in Acevedo, hand-picked for ripe cherries only, then floated for density the process is really cool. Coffees are then packed in plastic drums to begin fermentation stage one. The first 36 hours are an anaerobic (one-way valve allowing CO2 to escape but no oxygen to enter) stage with the whole cherry, with temperatures maintained below 68º F the whole time. During this 36 hr stage, coffees are usually trucked from Huila to Quindío, a 10-hour journey. 

Once arrived at Quindío and the 36 hours are completed, the drums are opened and the cherry is dry pulped (removing the outer skin of the fruit, but allowing mucilage to remain) and placed back into the drums for 24 more hours of a Carbonic Maceration stage (no valve, allowing CO2 to enrich the contents of the sealed drum). After those 24 hours, the coffee is removed, washed of remaining mucilage, and soaked in fresh water for another 24 hours before being laid out to “slow dry" on raised beds and then “stabilized" in a dark, cool, and dry warehouse before milling and shipping. From harvest to milling is usually a 3-month process. La Finca Santa Clara is one of my favorite coffee farms ever! Jose coffee is a great option if you're looking for a really unique coffee. 

Traceability of the Coffee 

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Score: 90

Crop Year: 2021

Process:  Carbonic maceration (84 hours of fermentation)

Altitude: 1500 masl

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