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Guatemala El Alma | Medium Roast

Guatemala El Alma | Medium Roast

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Our single-origin coffee has a classic milk chocolate note a little bit of caramel, is round and sweet, and has a milky-creamy body.  It has a pleasantly sweet citrus acidity. Let your senses succumb to the exquisite aroma that wafts from every sip. 

Sourced from the highest altitude regions of Guatemala, our coffee is made with the finest 100% Arabica beans (Specialty Grade Coffee). We take pride in only selecting specialty-grade beans that have undergone careful processing and roasting to preserve their quality.

Our coffee boasts a full-bodied flavor profile, with notes of chocolate, caramel, and citrus. The beans are handpicked and sorted, ensuring that only the highest quality beans make it into your cup. We roast our coffee in small batches to bring out the unique characteristics of the beans, resulting in a complex and satisfying coffee experience.

Our Guatemalan Coffee, Specialty Grade is a popular one. Whether you prefer your coffee brewed in a drip machine or prepared as a pour-over, our Guatemalan Coffee, Specialty Grade is versatile and easy to prepare. So why wait? Indulge in the rich, full-bodied flavor of our exceptional Guatemalan coffee today and elevate your coffee experience to a whole new level.

About El Alma

For three generations we’ve grown coffee in the highlands of Huehuetenango, and in the past twenty years, we’ve grown to partner with other producing families, cooperatives, and associations across Guatemala. Our mission is to connect these beautiful families and their coffees with roasters around the world.

A sustainable sourcing approach is similar to our strategy as farmers and sellers: everything has a home. From the 88+ COE submissions to the 82-point mill-outs and last picks sold to local consolidators, there's value. Our intention with Alma involves sourcing bright, fruited coffees of 84.5+ quality-- coffees with a lot of souls -- with our vendor partners from Huehue to Jalapa. Our QC team based in Guatemala is meticulously selecting a consistent, clean, and lightly fruity blend. La Alma means the Soul, and we hope this blend will be the vitality and warmth of your espresso or house coffee.

For every pound of Alma sold, $0.05 goes directly to our partners at Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to support their Smokeless Stove Program. These clean stoves impact families for decades by increasing indoor air quality and wood-fuel efficiency while decreasing cooking time. From the 2021 crop Alma sales alone, 42 families were able to receive a new stove. In the future, we plan to invest in home-building origin trips with volunteers from every link in the coffee value chain. 

Traceability of the Coffee 

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra

Score: 86 

Crop Year: 2022

Process: Washed 

Altitude: 1500 masl


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