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Colombia Gesha Micro Lot Jorge Correa | Light Roast

Colombia Gesha Micro Lot Jorge Correa | Light Roast

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From Finca San Juan by Don Jorge Correa created this great coffee frown in and out of shade. Grown on 220 hectares of land on a super-efficient farm that functions off the grid, is powered by solar panels, and lowered water usage. Due to this innovative spirit, Don Jorge is one of the highlighter coffee producers in Colombia. 

I knew I need to get my hands on this coffee a rare and exotic geisha. Geshas are an amazing coffee variety and the result in the cup is unavoidable. As a Roaster, roasting Geisha is a challenge, it was my very first time roasting it and the outcome was amazing. The coffee was a really thin body as tea, with bright crisp acidity and a clean finish. The lime citrus comes thru the first few sips after that is a really enjoyable acidity. 

Traceability of the coffee:

Variety: Geisha 

Score: 92 points 

Crop Year: 2021

Process: Natural 

Altitude: 1700-1750 masl 

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