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Brazil | Dark Roast

Brazil | Dark Roast

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Brazil Washed Peaberry Coffee

Our Jazblu Peaberry blend was produced by Obadias Nascimento Rodrigues, owner of Fazenda Canaã, in the town of Barra do Choça and Geraldo de Almeida Sinay, owner of Fazenda Esperança, in the town of Encruzilhada in Planalto da Bahia.

 Jazblu Peaberry is an exotic selection of 10/11 screen-size coffees from the Planalto de Bahia region and a perfect coffee for roasters who want to explore the hidden wonders of Brazil. Ripe yellow and red catuai cherries were handpicked during the day and taken to a washing station where they were de-pulped and left to rest in fermentation tanks (locally known as degomagem tanks) for 12 -15 hours then sundried the following morning.

The Planalto da Bahia region is specialized and known for its fully washed production done via fermentation tanks. This process, combined with a unique terroir and special post-harvest process, results in a remarkable sensorial experience. 

About Planalto Da Bahia Coffee

Planalto da Bahia is a large plateau in the middle of Caatinga, one of the driest regions in northern Brazil. The first coffee plantations in this region were started in the 1970s by migrants from southern Brazil. Since then, coffee has become an important part of the region’s economy.

Planalto da Bahia's high altitude and unique weather patterns have impacted the coffee tree behavior, productive cycle, and the harvest and post-harvest process. Harvest starts later than in other regions because the region receives more rain. The moist environment gives way to multiple flowerings and results in uneven maturation. This generally requires selective harvesting by hand; only ripe cherries are picked and processed. Being higher and colder the maturation process for coffee in Planalto da Bahia is slower resulting in a more complex and aromatic sensorial experience.

Traceability of the Coffee 

Variety: Yellow and Red Catuai 

Score: 85

Crop Year: 2022

Process: Washed 

Altitude: 950 masl

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